The Edge of Cuming

Hey there everyone, welcome back to a new and fresh glovemansion update today where you get to see one superb scene with a naughty nurse experimenting on a poor guy’s cock this afternoon. She decided that she wanted a baseline of how long this dude takes to shoot his load with subsequent jizz blasts and so she set out to find that out this afternoon. Of course, she also was sporting her nice and sexy nurse outfit, even though it was made of glossy and sexy latex too. Either way it made her look superbly hot and sexy and it really shows as well as the guy got hard as soon as she started her little “work” session this afternoon.


She comes into the room and the guy was already eagerly expecting her well…”gentle” touch this afternoon. She makes sure to strap him in nicely as she doesn’t want him moving at all. Well it was quite enjoyable for him in the end as he got to have her hands working his cock non stop and she sure have fun with it too. First time she made him blow it wasn’t hard, but it took longer and longer to do it and by the end of it all, the babe’s hands were all filled with sticky jizz as well as the bed and the guy too. We hope that you enjoyed your stay today and we will be seeing you once more next week with another new and fresh update! Don’t forget that you can find similar videos and pictures inside website.

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